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A radioactive world that players will explore in The Sun Origin is designed to be stunning. Surely any player will not be able to ignore it and spend a lot of time exploring it. At the same time, in some cases, you also have to face different dangerous entities with what you have. It is a world where you are forced to find a way to survive as smartly as possible.


The story of The Sun Origin revolves around a future world in the year 2050 where the sun gives people many problems, which is the amount of energy it emits. It can be seen as something that will bring inevitable severe consequences to people’s lives, but countries do not care about this. Specifically, although scientists have been warned about the world’s consequences, the territory is something each country loves.

After a long time, the phenomenon mentioned above took place, and it brought about a harsh condition affecting the health of every human being. Radioactive particles were released, and the number of people in the world gradually decreased. From there, a post-apocalyptic world opens up before the player’s eyes, but there are still lucky people who survived this radioactive disaster. They pay attention to warnings about the phenomenon they face and get the right solution.

They hid in bunkers and stayed there throughout the apocalypse. So they were one of the survivors in this world, but they couldn’t hide in the cellar forever. The food they prepared gradually decreased, and it was time for them to return to the surface to find the necessities of their lives. But the world becomes chaotic after the apocalypse, and conflicts will be resolved with guns. You will transform into the character Raven becomes the savior.


Players will embark on a journey to explore a vast world that they will surely love. It is fully detailed and beautifully designed with various environmental elements. But one thing that you will realize is that these elements reflect the reality of the world today, and sometimes you will meet some survivors. But they will probably possess weapons or be in bad shape, and you can also interact with them.

It is a post-apocalyptic FPS game where you will spend time exploring it and confronting the dangers it brings. Although humans can die from radiation, there are still some entities that can live and become mutants. They possess many strange forms and actions that are not self-conscious and become complete and aggressive attacking people they see in front of their eyes.


In The Sun Origin, players will roam around searching for what they need and sometimes face different enemies. You can find characters with weapons that won’t harm you, and you can also interact with them to find information inside this game. Also, finding a human base is entirely safe for the player as they can find some equipment or related items to aid in their fight against mutants.

But in the process of playing, sometimes you will not come across any bases, sometimes you will find some abandoned houses with the remains of humans. You can get them to move on or find a character to take on a quest or a quest objective. At the same time, the quests also help you have things to do in this world, and sometimes they will push you into certain dangers when confronting different enemies.


As noted above, players will explore the world in The Sun Origin and go on a quest to know what’s going. At the same time, sometimes the task is to defeat dangerous entities called mutants, and you will choose the appropriate method to defeat them, such as using various weapons you receive. Sometimes grenades are also impressive damage that you will be able to use to take out multiple targets at once.

But during use, you need to pay attention to some factors such as the damage caused by grenades or enemies. After taking damage, sometimes your character will be pushed into an injured state, and the amount of health will automatically decrease quickly. But you don’t need to worry about this because in your backpack there will be an item to help you with this problem and you will need to be careful to use it sparingly. Don’t forget to save your data before stepping into danger.

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