Rope Hero: Vice Town Mod Apk 5.9.2 [Unlimited money]

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Name Rope Hero: Vice Town Rope Hero: Vice Town is the most famous version in the Rope Hero: Vice Town series of publisher Naxeex Ltd
Publisher Naxeex Ltd
Genre Action
Size 93MB
Version 5.9.1
Mod Version 5.9.1
Total installs 100,000,000+
Content Rating USK: Ages 18+
Update September 20, 2021 (8 months ago)
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4.2 ( 761 ratings )
Price: $0


Since your childhood, you’ve always dreamed of being a superhero that could help save the world and safeguard all of us. Rope Hero Vice Town is an excellent choice for you. This is a great and entertaining game where you play the character of a superhero and in the present, it is an extremely popular game that players are interested in and play. This is a sport that is enjoyed by many particularly children. In the game, you be a superhero and take on enemies and defend the world. In particular, when you first begin to complete missions, you need the courage to face your fears, have a strong willand be fearless when facing your foes. Utilize the abilities you have to eliminate criminals of evil and swiftly bring the town back to life.


While playing the job, you must take on a lot of responsibility. You must face obstacles and difficulties to defeat the enemies with thrilling missions. There are a lot of enemies to confront, such as gangsters, thieves, and a myriad of creatures in the city. When you have done good deeds you will be appreciated and admired by a lot of people They are extremely happy for you, and, from now on, you will be famous within the town.

Furthermore, while playing within the sport, you will be able to amuse yourself with thrilling and engaging 3D shooting games that increase your motivation to defeat your enemies. Additionally, many unplanned scenarios aren’t suitable for a hero, which is why you need to be careful and watchful in the pursuit and stop many burglars and thieves.
You’re a unique person who has a power that nobody else has. The superhero character will possess an unlimitable length of rope for quick leaps and quickly get to the point where the villains are at the top of tall buildings. You’ll get a view of the whole city and be aware of the most recent incidents and how you can assist quickly.

You can play based on how you want to play

With this app, players will get fantastic discounts on the development and expansion of a variety of games that are available, and , at the same discounts a wide range of game-related products that are easy to use. The mini-games are continuously updated to keep the players entertained. Furthermore, you’ll have the power to choose and control your character, by swapping the right kit. This will allow your character to develop and stand out from the rest of the pack. When playing, you don’t have to follow any specific rules or instructions , you are given the freedom freedom to explore and experience the world around you. Furthermore aside from that, there are many beautiful and adorable objects like beaches bikes, modified tanks and planes. As of now it is necessary to travel to a variety of locations, and you’ll have the choice of selecting the most convenient and portable method to take pleasure in.

Alongside the above vehicles, there are skateboards that can aid players in moving easily and in a manner that is in keeping with street style. Utilize the correct techniques and have fun with your game and tricks. One of the most memorable aspects is that you’ll have modern-day parachutes, which is capable of aiding you in destroying your adversary more effectively.

Some special features from the Game

GLIDER is an organization that offers a variety of outfits for superheroes capable of enabling you to move and fly. It is a device that is able to be moved at lightning speed. In order to make unforgettable memories and beautiful images when playing in the game, the selfie stick can assist you in doing this. It is also an item you can make use of to defend yourself. The most unique and exciting is the expansion of the arsenal, which includes various ammunition, weapons and guns that can assist you in eliminating and capturing enemies. For instance, Freezer, you can make use of this gun to freeze your enemies as well as other objects. Perhaps Gravigun could create an attraction for his opponents. There are a variety of guns, such as the Flamethrower with an element of flamethrower that makes it simple to ignite things you’d like to. Additionally The Jump Gun gun allows the hero to fly with aplomb and rapidly. A game for free that has many interesting and useful things to discover and play, bringing a lots of fun while easing the stress. Start playing now and install it! We will always be there for you.

Rope Hero Vice Town is an extremely well-known 3D action and third-person game for Android. You can play as a superhero in the game in which you are able to wander around the city and discover new areas. The character you play as is only equipped with an unusual weapon called Rope. You can roam around the city to find out the events that are going on in the area. Find interesting and thrilling mission and daily tasks within the game. You need to eliminate your enemies , and keep the city in order. You can progress in the game and increase the capabilities of your character. You can also use vehicles in the game. It’s a free to play and all purchases in the game are free because of mod versions. You’ll have unlimited resources in the game. Unlimited money is available to purchase everything you want at no cost.

The controls are easy to use and simple to comprehend. Joysticks are located on the left of the screen to move and all buttons for attacking and action are located on the right-hand edge of screen. It is a fascinating storyline and a thrilling gameplay. Completing the missions will reveal the next chapter of the story. You are able to beat your opponents and kill them with your rope. It’s a beautiful and large map that is available to explore at your leisure. Find powerful weapons and freezers that can stop the enemy from freezing. It offers a variety of weapons that you can locate and use in battle. It features realistic 3D graphics with amazing visual details. It comes with more than 10 distinct quests. You can complete quests and earn diverse rewards. You can easily upgrade your hero’s abilities to unlock additional abilities and power. Get your city free of crime and safeguard the residents in your city. We will now discuss the key features of this action-packed adventure game.

Innovative Controls

This game features fairly simple and simple controls. You can also customize the layout of the controls for a better gaming experience. All buttons are efficient and responsive. Joystick is located on the left-hand right side for controlling the character’s movements. The power buttons as well as the jump button are on the right-hand side on the display. You can manage stamina, damage, speed, and more with these buttons. You can select cables, weapons, cars and all the other things you need.

Realistic Graphics

The game has 3D graphics that have realistic details. It features great and optimized graphics that allow for a smooth and smooth gaming experience. It is awe-inspiring in its visual effects and high-quality texture. You can alter the graphics using settings for lower-end devices. It features stunning locations and an stunning environments for exploration. It allows you to explore the entire maps with stunning graphics. This game is based on real-life physical rules to provide an incredible gameplay. It features amazing sound effects, which makes the game more realistic and exciting.

Mod Menu

Mod Apk for the game in which you can access Mod menus in the game. Mod menu is an excellent way to unlock infinite items in the game. Mod menu can be used to boost your strength, health and power within the game. There are infinite games currency and coins for no cost. Unlock all the features of the game without ever completing tasks. Earn a lot of money and upgrade your superhero to the highest level. You can upgrade any item in the game for free without having to spend a penny.

Fun and Exciting Gameplay

The game’s action and adventure game is thrilling and fascinating. There are many missions and 10 different quests that you can complete in the game. Do your best to complete the daily missions and missions to finish your story. You can drive vehicles as well as skateboards within the game. It is possible to freely explore various locations. You can take on your adversaries and safeguard Your city from criminals. The game has a massive map filled with gorgeous scenes and places. Upgrade your gears and increase your power and strength.

Unique Gadgets

There are a variety of unique devices that can be used to participate in the game. You are free to pick any item and carry it around along. You can choose and explore numerous other items available in the game. Skateboards can be used to freely roam around the streets. It is possible to use a glider to move through the city. It is easy to take amazing selfies while playing with the selfie stick. Locate gadget boxes in the city areas and use them to gain useful and fascinating gadgets.

Free to Play

The game is completely available for play. It’s a mod version that will provide you with everything in the game for no cost. You’ll also get benefits without spending one cent. Just download the mod version and then access the mod menu inside the game. With this mod menu you can earn unlimited coins as well as additional hero-related benefits. Enjoy unlimited power, unlimited health and fully upgraded capabilities without cost. You can easily upgrade your hero with this game mod.

The variety of Weapons

Weapons are required to take on an opponents in games. The game offers a wide array of weapons you can locate and use to take on your adversaries. Take your weapon to defend the city from evil. There are shotguns, assault rifles, snipers bazookas, and many other deadly weapons on this title. Also, there are sci-fi-themed weapons with ammos. It also has a freezer gun that can stop the enemy from freezing to ensure that you be able to kill him effortlessly and quickly.


Rope Hero: Vice Town is a well-loved adventure and action game that features 3D vibrant graphics. Explore the large map to discover new areas. Complete different missions and quests to finish the story of the game. Get endless resources in game. Play with no internet access. It is easy to use. This game is designed for every android device.


Q. What is the most recent version? Rope Hero: Vice Town Mod Apk?

The most recent version of the game comes with 4.5. It is possible to download the mod of the latest version on our website.

Q. What can I do to use my android to play Rope Hero: Vice Town on my Android?

You can play this game with your Android device once you have downloaded it. Get the modified Apk from the game. Install it on your device in order to play the sport with no limits on resources.

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Download Rope Hero: Vice Town Mod Apk 5.9.2 [Unlimited money]

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