Call of Duty Mobile – Season 2 has been released

Friday, 24 September 2021 (8 months ago) 509 views

Activision has announced their first big update to Call of Duty Mobile. This marked the beginning in the 2nd season which is scheduled to begin in 2021. In addition, the developers have an appealing present to all players: the free character Charlie who is on the inventory. For players who are new to the game it will be the default player. Additionally, Activision continues to fight against cheaters that move fast. It’s not all without a brand newly released Battle Pass; if you are able to get it for free you can purchase the base weapon AS VAL. It is a rifle that fires quickly with a lot of damage and a low-pitched sound. You have to be able to handle the weapon. Additionally, you can activate the option Napalm which can be activated in the aftermath of a series of murders.

Call of Duty Mobile has two brand new maps, traditional Shoot House and Shipment from Modern Warfare. The game also has a brand new mode in which players only be fighting using rifles that snipe. For Battle Royale, tank battles are available, as well as the competitive mode. You can also drive an automobile in this mode. There are two spots in which you can sit and other players is positioned behind you.

There are fixes and optimizations. One of the major enhancements is matchmaking, particularly for Legends. The complete list of changes is in the original article.


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