GTA: Vice City v1.09 MOD APK + OBB (Money/Ammo/Full)

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Name Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is the most famous version in the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City series of publisher
Publisher Rockstar Games
Genre Action
Size 1.3GB
Version 1.09
Mod Version 1.09
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Gta Vice City Game Download For PC

This article will introduce GTA: Vice City, the predecessor of the new generation of GTA 3D, and is also one of the games that are always mentioned even though it was released more than two decades ago. Furthermore, it is the second game in the GTA series to utilize 3D graphics and introduce an interactive open world. The game’s great thing is gameplay and an engaging storyline revolving around the underworld and missions for players to explore and enjoy. GTA: Vice City’s core gameplay is a sandbox combined with adventure, creating endless entertainment with the world and its gameplay content. Therefore, players can enjoy doing whatever they want in the world without imposition. However, the player must seriously complete the missions and assignments after starting missions. In addition to that, players can explore riot the city, race cars, complete challenges, and explore the city or a neighboring city GTA Vice City Ultimate Free Download for PC. The game’s world is built vividly and varied, bearing the style of a coastal city from the 80s. Therefore, the gameplay of the game is immersive and impressive, with a wealth of content for players to explore along with its special mechanics.

Customizable Layouts and Controls

Vice City is one of the leading sandbox gameplay games, so its entertainment and creativity are almost endless to give players great experiences. However, that’s not all, but the violent storyline revolves around Tommy, a mafia, that gives players a different perspective on the underworld. Tommy is a rule-based person, and the game will develop the character over various situations and time periods. That will give the player different thoughts and feelings about Tommy, including his private life and relationship. The game will perfectly blend the storyline with gameplay, giving players many intense emotions in many different situations, such as happy, sad, angry, satisfied, hatred, etc. Vice City is a cross-platform game, like PC, console, and mobile; Each platform has its control mechanism, but their experiences are similar. For mobile platforms, its control mechanism is flexible and friendly, comes with useful functions to help players interact with the world. What’s more, the game’s control mechanics are varied, whether by vehicle or on foot; they all have distinct interfaces and come with a friendly design that gives players more space and vision. The game even allows players to personalize and customize the interface, helping players find the best experience.

Countless Hours of Gameplay

Vice City cities are all built with vivid 3D graphics, and they are perfectly optimized on most devices. Moreover, they are always full of life and bustle, bringing a real sense of adventure and sandbox to the player. The interaction between the player and the world is endless, and around the city, there will always be exciting activities for the player. Whether it’s parkour or racing, the activities’ content is rich and creative, helping players entertain after hours of tiring missions. Besides, the game also adds fierce and thrilling chases, giving players moments of extreme entertainment. Vice City always revolves around a mafia’s life, so the shooting action element will always accompany the player. On the map will always appear countless activities or special places for players to collect weapons. Besides, the weapon shop will appear everywhere on the map, giving players many options in using weapons anytime, anywhere. Therefore, the sandbox element is emphasized, and the entertainment power of the game is strongly stimulated. Players will have countless opportunities to use weapons or sabotage the city, increasing their wanted and receiving many rewards when rioting the city.


Vice City will feature a giant mission system, and they’ll blend with gameplay while also providing an opportunity to introduce players to all of its features. Furthermore, players will gradually unlock new game features through the quest progress, including new content and locations to explore. The game’s quintessence will always be scattered throughout through quests, and through it, that is also the biggest source of income for players. GTA: Vice City is one of the games and precursors to most of today’s 3D sandbox games, as its gameplay is rich, immersive, and has loads of things to explore. Accompanying it is an attractive storyline, with many surprises and promises to bring players new experiences of the underworld. If you are always looking for the perfect game containing elements like a sandbox, adventure, open world, action, racing, etc., then this game is the perfect choice to experience. (MOD, GTA Vice City Ultimate Free Download )

Explore Stunning Map

This open world game has beautiful and stunning map which you can explore without any restriction. Map has thrilling and mysterious locations which you can find. You can drive supercars to explore the map. You can visit shops and banks. You can rob a bank to get lots of money. Find new hideouts and shortcuts. Find unique weapons on unique location spots.

ynamic 3D Graphics

GTA Vice City game delivers best dynamic 3D graphics with tons of great visual and sound effects. You can see the road and water reflections in game. Experience high quality shadows. Stunning visual and sound effects make the game more realistic and amazing. HD graphics and beautiful locations with high quality visuals. Conversation sound quality seems realistic while talking to different characters in game.

Useful Items

There are so many useful Items available in game which you can use for your protection. You can get weapons and armor for your protection. Buy weapons from gun store or you can kill police officers to steal their weapons. You can steal vehicles and can drive anywhere you want. Get unique and deadly weapons from different locations. Complete race missions in game to get supercars.

Exciting Gameplay

Gameplay of this action and adventure game is so thrilling and exciting. You can freely roam or can do missions to complete the story of this game. There are around 60+ missions available which you can complete to unlock more locations in map. Every mission is unique and difficult to pass. Starting missions are easy but gameplay becomes difficult as you progress in game.

Cheat Codes

You can make the gameplay more fun and exciting by using cheat codes. This game supports cheat codes which you can use easily. Cheat are the code which you can find on internet. Write code from keyboard and activate it in the game. You can increase your health and can become invincible with the help of cheat code. You can summon supercar. Fly cars in game and escape from police with one code. You can get unlimited ammos and unique weapons using cheat codes for free.


Q. How to use Cheat Code in GTA Vice City PC?

Get the code and write it using keyboard. Your specific cheat will be activated within no time.

Q. What is the size of GTA Vice City for PC?

This game usually take around 500 MB of storage in PC after complete installation.

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